Hi there!
I'm so happy you are here! My name is Ashley, and I am the one person team behind Sixth + Bloom.  I'm a wife to my amazing husband, a mama to 3 girls, and I am passionate about finding small joys in the every day beauty and struggles of life and motherhood.  I know personally that being a mom can come with so much happiness and love, but also realize that it doesn’t come without its challenges, and some days can feel pretty overwhelming.  That is exactly why I wanted to start this little business!  For years, I tossed around the idea to put some of my designs on mugs and glassware (being an avid coffee drinker myself), and even have designs saved on my computer from 3+ years ago that I created in hopes to some time use and and actually start this little dream of mine.  It never felt feasible until one day I was tired of saying to myself that I couldn't do something like this.  Fast forward to today (yep, years later!) - I'm finally doing it!  
My goal with Sixth + Bloom is to create 'feel good' products that would be encouraging to those who see or use them; but I also wanted to make sure to have beautiful items too - that are either pretty to just have out in your home or would do something as simple as bring a smile to your face when you use it.  
Regardless of what brought you to read about me and my little business, I am so grateful that you stopped by! My family and I cannot thank you enough for your support.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my products with you and hope that everything you order brings you so much happiness!